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Antoine Catala, Catharine Czudej, Cecile B. Evans, Pakui Hardware, Camille Henrot Ingo Niermann & Alexa Karolinski, Lili Reynaud-Dewar, Avery Singer, Anna Uddenberg
“The Commodification of Love”, curated by Cloé Peronne, 47 rue Saint-André des arts, Paris 6
08/09/2017 to 07/10/2017
Valentin Carron
“Céleste Témesta”, 6 rue du Pont de Lodi, Paris 6
08/09/2017 to 07/10/2017
Alicja Kwade
Solo show, 51 Brook Street, London W1
03/10/2017 to 17/11/2017