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feat. Clo'e Floirat
Book signing Claude Lévêque
Book signing Claude Lévêque

parler à un mouton

Éditions Jannink, collection « L’Art en écrit »


Saturday, January 14th, 3:00-5:00pm

47 rue Saint-André des arts, 75006


Parler à un mouton, which is published by the Éditions Jannink in the collection « L’Art en écrit », oscillates in a fragile balance between humor, gravity and nostalgia. The writing is poetic, sometimes raw. Pages follows one another in a universe supposedly childish, where drawings mingle with words.


The text "useless but burlesque" is infinitely rich with its multiple levels of reading and popular references. Claude Lévêque takes us everywhere: from the provincial restaurants in Nevers, from the highways of the desert to Vichy. But above all, it is David Bowie that he admires. Only the most enlightened readers, immersed in memories and fantasies, will be able to disentangle the truth from the false. Whatever. The goal is not to dissect the text to extract the truth, but to share these few unexpected fables.




Collecting Lines


Transport for London's art programme, presents a new commission for international artist Zineb Sedira, titled "Collecting Lines" a series of films and large-scale photographs displayed in various stations of the Victoria Line.

The works from a part of Underline, a series of art commissions for the Victoria line in 2015 and 2016


Starting October 4th until the end of December.

More info here