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View of the exhibition
Alfredo Jaar
“Shadows”, 6 rue du Pont de Lodi, Paris 6
View of the exhibition

Alfredo Jaar

Shadows, 2014


Installation with LED lights, aluminum, video projection and six lightboxes


Kees Hin

Koen Wessing. Genesis of a Photograph, 2010

Interview and film


View of the exhibition, kamel mennour (6, rue du Pont de Lodi), Paris, 2016
© ADAGP Gina Pane
Photo. Fabrice Seixas
Courtesy Anne Marchand and kamel mennour, Paris

View of the exhibition “Shadows”, kamel mennour (6 rue du Pont de Lodi), Paris, 2016


© Alfredo Jaar

© Kees Hin

© Koen Wessing

Photo. Julie Joubert & archives kamel mennour

Courtesy the artist and kamel mennour, Paris

Courtesy Kees Hin and Koen Wessing





Original photographs by Koen Wessing (1942-2011)

© Koen Wessing / Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The collection and copyright of Koen Wessing is administered by the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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