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Pier Paolo Calzolari
Ensemble, 47, rue Saint-André des Arts & 6, rue du Pont de Lodi
View of the exhibition

 Un flauto dolce per farmi suonare, 1968

Frozen structure, copper, bronze, lead, refrigerator motor

100 x 124 x 7 cm


Untitled (project for My bed as it must be), 1968

Salt, lead, graphite on paper, tempera paints, oil, pastels, bronze letters, kaolin

140 x 201 x 5 cm


View of the exhibition “Ensemble”, kamel mennour (47, rue Saint-André des arts), Paris, 2016


© ADAGP Pier Paolo Calzolari

Photo. Fabrice Seixas

Courtesy Fondazione Calzolari and kamel mennour, Paris

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