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View of the exhibition
Petrit Halilaj
“Do you realise there is a rainbow even if it’s night!?”, 51 Brook Street, London W1
View of the exhibition

Petrit Halilaj


Moth #1, 2017

Wooden frame made by the artist, killim carpet from Kosovo, black ink on paper and metal pins

118 x 48 x 15,5 cm


Do you realise there is a rainbow even if it’s night!? (gold green), 2017

Kilim carpet from Kosovo, flokati, polyester, chenille wire, steel, brass; installation with flickering and unflickering light bulbs

210 x 160 x 28 cm; 860 x 160 x 28 cm


View of the exhibition “Do you realise there is a rainbow even if it’s night!?”, kamel mennour (51 Brook Street), London, 2017 – 2018


© Petrit Halilaj

Photo. archives kamel mennour

Courtesy the artist and kamel mennour Paris/London