Peter Beard
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Né en 1938 à New York.





  • 1999

Peter Beard - Stress & Density - KunstHaus Wien, Vienna.





  • 2010

Life as a Legend: Marilyn Monroe, MOCA, Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL.
MOCA, Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL.


  • 2009

The Fallern Angels, Watari-Um, Watari Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo.


  • 2008

Las Implicaciones de la Imagen (The implications of image), MUCA Roma, Museo Universitario de Ciencias y
Arte, Mexico City.


  • 2007

Marilyn Monroe, Life as a Legend, Sioux City Art Center, Sioux City, IA.
Marilyn Monroe, Life as a Legend, The Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, OH.


  • 2006

Life as a Legend, Marilyn Monroe, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton, FL.
"Draw" Tour, Fuse Gallery, New York City, NY.
Marilyn, The Women's Museum, Dallas, TX.
Between a rock and a hard place: the stone in art, Kenny Schachter/ ROVE Projects LLP, London (England).


  • 2004

Royal Summer Exhibition 2004, Royal Academy of Arts, London (England).
Why not live for Art? Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo.
Lightbound, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, MN.


  • 2003

Marilyn. The life of a legend, County Hall Gallery, London (England).


  • 2000

Et l'homme créa la femme, Fifty One Fine Art Photography, Antwerp.


  • 1997

Candy Darling, Always a Lady: Devotional Icons and Memorabilia, Feature Inc, New York City, NY.